In 1977 Danilo Folli began the activity as company specialized in the construction of sail boats of the Star class, developing the experience matured on the regatta fields. Subsequently the sons Alessandro, Andrea and Cristina continued the activity following the father instructions and teachings with help of skilled workers.

The yard has mantained the production in handicraft levels for being able to cure every construction detailes.

The philosophy of our firm is based on quality of the materials and advanced search to achieve the maximum of performances.
The Star class boat that we produce, resumes the philosophy of Lariovela for the advanced search during the phase of planning, the quality of the materials utilized and the building accuracy.

The result is a boat of high added value that allows elevated performances and the preservation in time of the characteristics of lightness and stiffness.
LARIOVELA s.n.c. Via Nazionale, 156/158 23821 Abbadia Lariana (LC) - Italy
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